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by Beatriz González


I am an enthusiastic illustrator living in a hidden paradise in the mountains in the North of Spain.


After a few years devoting hours to Engineering, Project Management and Innovation Management, I found out that what I really enjoy doing in life is drawing and painting and spending time in great conversations with all different types of people. And that is how this great project of YU CUSTOMIZED ART was born.

I used to create customized pieces of art in any form (drawings, illustrations, paintings, pottery, artcrafts) for family and friends, as a unique way to express my feelings and gratitude to them. I found these presents where unvaluable, mainly because of the time and effort I put thinking in the person I wanted to gift.


And then I thought...what if I could do the same for other people? What if I could help them to express their feelings and make their beloved ones feel special, unique?


With several courses in drawing and painting during my childhood, I completed my preparation with an formal digital illustration course by the international art school ibkk (Institute für Ausbildung in bildender Kunst und Kunsttherapie) in Bochum (Germany) and above all with a lot of practice and research over free resources in internet and in skillshare.


On top of drawing, I love walking, above all by the sea or in the mountains, as the contact with Nature is for me the greatest source of peace, energy and inspiration.

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